Pure PB Winners!

There were some seriously GREAT recipe ideas shared by readers in response to the Pure PB giveaway which made choosing my 2  favorites a challenge. However, I decided to choose recipes from 2 different ends of my personal recipe spectrum. One needed to meet my “rules” of a) less than 5 ingredients, b) all the ingredients needed to be items currently in my house and c) ridiculously easy. That narrowed down the field to winning recipe #1 from Patrick:

Pure PB Winner 1

The other recipe needed to be one of those “wish list” recipes. You know – the ones I always have intentions of trying out, but rarely get around to simply because the ingredient list gets above my “tolerance” level, it takes “too long”, or I just never have the motivation to actually make it. The winning recipe for this category came from Adrian! While I want to make it myself…if someone could just follow his instructions below and mail it to me, that would be MUCH appreciated! 🙂

Pure PB Winner 2For my next post, I have started compiling answers to the most frequently asked questions I have been getting about my decision to diet down for a bodybuilding contest – and ultimately end up competing in the Figure division. If you have a question you would like to see answered, leave it in the comments section and I may include it! 🙂

Until next time – stay active and eat some peanut butter!



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