Fall Flavors – 4 Simple Recipes

There’s something about the crispness of the air and the sight of golden-red colored trees as far as the eye can see that brings me a sense of calm. Perhaps it is from growing up in New England, which does autumn better than anywhere else in the country, but I love the fall season. Here are some of my current go-to recipes starring my favorite fall flavors. Naturally, 3 of the 4 involve oatmeal with a seasonal twist!


Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are AMAZING for those of us who get an early start, are eating on the run, and need something that is delicious, nutritious, and portable!

Ingredients and Recipe:

1/2 cup dry oats, 1/4 cup coffee*, 6 oz. yogurt of choice (I used Yoplait Greek Apple Pie flavor), 1 scoop DeNovoNutrition Cinnamon Roll Whey protein (you could omit that and use powdered peanut butter to help it thicken).

Mix all and let sit overnight in fridge. In the morning add some peanut butter and apple slices!

*I NEED my caffeine in the morning, so I use coffee as my liquid of choice, but feel free to use water, milk, or perhaps apple cider(!) instead.

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

Pumpkin pie overnight oats

Ingredients and Recipe:

1/2 c oats, 1/2 c brewed pumpkin spice tea, 1/4 c. pumpkin puree, 1 container Chobani Pumpkin Spice blend Greek yogurt, 1/2 scoop DeNovoNutrition Cinnamon roll whey protein, pumpkin pie spice to taste and a few tbsp of crunchy peanut butter. (As you know by now, my personal peanut butter choice is Krema brand!)

Mix all ingredients together, let sit in fridge overnight…and eat at 5:30 am on the way to run stadiums! 🙂


Pumpkin Spiced Peanut Butter:

I have been anxious to try out some of the specialty pumpkin-spice flavored nut butters I have seen those I follow on social media channels posting. However, I just haven’t brought myself to actually order some. They are quite pricey, and generally have sugar added. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own. All you need is 3 ingredients, plus water and a spoon!

Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter

Ingredients and Recipe:

2 Tbsp powdered peanut butter (I prefer Pure PB by Crazy Richard’s as it does not contain any added sugar like most powdered peanut butters), Pumpkin pie spice to taste, 1 Tbsp pureed pumpkin.

Mix first two ingredients with water until desired consistency is reached. Mix in pumpkin puree and enjoy!

Chai Tea Latte Oatmeal

This final recipe is the perfect marriage of my love for oatmeal and chai tea/chai lattes. It came about on a whim one afternoon when I realized I had forgot to pack the fruit and protein powder I usually mix into my afternoon oatmeal. Not wanting to just eat it plain, I decided to add a chai tea bag into the bowl with oats and water before microwaving. It turned out AMAZING. Since then, I have refined the recipe a bit and now prefer to make it with vanilla-flavored almond or soy milk instead of water, to give it more of a latte feel!

Chai Oats

Ingredients and Recipe:

1/2 cup oats, 3/4 cup vanilla-flavored milk of choice, 1 chai tea bag.

Microwave as normal, add some sweetener if that’s your thing, and dig in. I am willing to bet you will wonder why in the world this isn’t a more common practice!

I’d love to know – what are your favorite fall-inspired recipes?



4 thoughts on “Fall Flavors – 4 Simple Recipes

  1. Shannon Lloyd (@sklhokie) says:

    So glad I am not the only one using coffee as my liquid of choice these days 🙂 I love it and it really does give a nice extra boost on those late night into early morning kind of days! I am not a huge fall weather fan but I do miss those Blacksburg leaves turning a bit 😉 as for flavors they are the absolute best! Apple pie with the caramel everyone is pairing it with these days!

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